Boost your reporting in Business Central with Power BI metrics

Boost your reporting in Business Central with Power BI metrics

Metrics in Power BI let your customers curate their metrics and track them against key business objectives, in a single pane. In addition to seeing all your metrics in one view, scorecards make it easy for you to dig deeper into the data, update your metrics, make notes on important events. These features are covered in this article. You can also follow your metrics, to be notified when they change.

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Since Business Central wave 2 2023 you can use the metric scorecards inside Business Central. But is it useful? That’s why I started a small investigation on it.


Since targets are very important for companies and they are always measured based on time it is good to setup a metric inside Power BI. With the help of a metric in combination with Power BI you can easily see were your target is.

In this example I will set an year budget for customer sales. So when I create a metric you can choose the end target but also the period of that target:

And the best part of it you can get your current value from Business Central! Just choose the option “Connect to Data”:

With this option you can refer to a Power BI report that I have created before and choose the right visual in the report:

After that it is important that you choose how do you want to track the change (daily, weekly etc):

So if you set it to daily and you let your Power BI will refresh daily in your metric you get the following graph.

On the second day:

And the third day:

In this way you can easily track your target.
But you can also set your Status based on some rules (dates, values and compare with other cycle):

In this case if I save the metric we see that is now behind:

So it is very easy so see what metric are behind, on track or overdue!

Metrics inside Business Central

In every role center inside Business Central you can add a Power BI report. That was already possible. But since Business Central wave 2 2023 you can also add a scorecard to it:
Get control over how to view Power BI embedded content | Microsoft Learn

In that case you don’t have to leave Business Central anymore to show all your reports:

And in expand mode:

Very easy and power full solution to add more details to your role center.

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