bc2adls – multi environment management

bc2adls – multi environment management

With Business Central you can have multiple environments in your Microsoft Entry ID.
If that is the case you don’t want to manage bc2adls in all your environments seperate (like adding tables, fields or export the schema). In that case there is a small update on the bc2adls extension.

To help people with this there are some Business Events created inside the extension:
Add business events by Bertverbeek4PS · Pull Request #50 · Bertverbeek4PS/bc2adls (github.com)
If you don’t know what Business Events are in Business Central you can read it in the following blog posts:
– Private Preview: Business Events the newest integration with Business Central – Discover Microsoft Business Central (bertverbeek.nl)

With the update the following Business Events are added:
– If there is a field enabled
– If there is a table enabled
– If there is a table added
– If there is a table deleted
– If the schema is exported
– If the date of the field “Schema exported On” is cleared
– If the data is exported

With that in mind there is a small extension created to manage your enviroments. You can see the source here:
Bertverbeek4PS/bc2adls_EnvironmentHub (github.com)

In the first screen you can enter all your environments:

After this you can call the action “Get Companies” to retrieve all the companies for a specific environment and you can manage if you want to enable it or not:

After that you must create a couple logic apps:

If we look closer to a logic app (for example “bc2adlsAddTable”):

You can see here that if the Business Event of “On adding table” is kicked off from a specific company (your main company to manageg all). It will collect all environments. And within each environment we add the ADLSE table and enable it. 

NB: because of the ADLSE table is per environment we have to only do it once per environmnet!
In this case the new added feature for the Business Central connector is very helpfull:
Get list of companies using Business Central connector in Power Automate | Microsoft Learn

All the logic apps (source) you can find here:
bc2adls_EnvironmentHub/LogicApps at main · Bertverbeek4PS/bc2adls_EnvironmentHub (github.com)

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