Archiving your telemetry data

Archiving your telemetry data

As you already know you can have your telemetry from Business Central inside Application Insights.
If you haven’t enabled it yet you should:
Monitoring and Analyzing Telemetry – Business Central | Microsoft Learn

Standard there is a retention period for 90 days in your Azure Log Analytics for Application Insights data.:

But sometimes you want to extend your data retention period. And if you extend the retention period inside log analytics it can be costly.
There is a feature to store your data in an “archiving” table. It calls the “Interactive retention” period.
You can set it up per table:

In the field “interaction period” you can set the extra period:

So in this case the standard retention is 90 days and the interactive retention period is also 90 days. So together it will keep your data for 180 days!

But how can you access this data?

When you go to your logs there is an option “Search job mode”:

If you turned this option on then it will ask you for a table name and it will stored the result in a extra table.

When it is finished it has a new table created with the results.

Offcourse it has a price:
Pricing – Azure Monitor | Microsoft Azure

But in this case you can analyze important data such as usage data.

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