Creating proxy tables through the UI of Business Central

Creating proxy tables through the UI of Business Central

In previous blogs I have posted the option to create a Dataverse sync with less code.
The sync between Business Central and Dataverse has three main developments:

  • Creating the Dataverse table
  • Creating the proxy table inside Business Central
  • Creating events / code the sync to setup the sync between tables

You can find the blogs here:
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The source of the extension “Dataverse Sync UI” you can find on my Github repo:
Bertverbeek4PS/DataverseSyncUI (

In this Dataverse Sync UI you can create the Dataverse table and setup the sync between the tables through the UI of Business Central. So you can do it with less code!

For the creation of the proxy table there were standard tools like:

Sometimes above can be a problem for Application users that don’t understand VS code well enough.
Right know there is a third option. You can create the proxy table also from the extension “Dataverse Sync UI”:

When you hit that button it will do the following for you:

  • It will retrieve the Dataverse table with all the fields via the API.
  • It skips the following fields:
    – Fields with Attribute Type of VirtualType and EntityNameType
    – Fields with TimeZoneIndependent (BC cannot handle those fields)
    – Fields that don’t link to other fields in the table (Attribute Of must be null).
  • Create the fields and keys in a text file

Then you get a download with the table:

That download you can put into your extension and upload it to your Business Central Environment:

It also recognizes if it must create a table extension.

After you have uploaded you can setup the sync between the two tables and start the sync.

With this feature the Dataverse sync is again with less code 😊
If you have any thought or ideas please lett me know!

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