Adding Business Central tab inside MS Teams

Adding Business Central tab inside MS Teams

In the latest version of the Business Central app of MS teams (version 1.0.8) you can add Business Central tab inside MS Teams:
Add Business Central tab in Microsoft Teams – Business Central | Microsoft Learn

But you can also do this with through an HTTP request:
Create Business Central tabs for Teams – Business Central | Microsoft Learn

But what if we combine this feature together with Power Automate and the Business Central connector “For a selected Record (V3)”. With this feature you can run the Power Automate flow inside Business Central

First you have to select the trigger “For a selected record (v3)” and get the records:

After that we must list the teams and look if the MS Teams site already excists:

If there is no MS Teams site then we create one:

After that we must Install the app first in the teams site
(that is a thing that isn’t addressed at the Microsoft site)
You can do that with the following HTTP request

  "teamsApp@odata.bind": ""

In this case 84c2de91-84e8-4bbf-b15d-9ef33245ad29 is the GUID of the Business Central App inside MS Teams

Then just one final HTTP Request to add the tab

  "displayName": "Business Central",
  "teamsApp@odata.bind": "",
  "configuration": {
    "entityId": "2DCA2E6C7A10415CAF6B8AB6661B3154",
    "contentUrl": "'No.' IS '{CustomerNo}'",
    "websiteUrl": "'No.' IS '{CustomerNo}'"

If you run this flow from Business Central there will be a nice MS Teams Site created especially for the selected customer with a tab to the customer record. This is very helpfull especially if users haven’t access to Business Central

You can download the Power Automate Flow here and adjust it to your own needs:

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