Changes inside the Performance Toolkit of BC21

Changes inside the Performance Toolkit of BC21

On the 1st of October there will be a new update of Business Central. And on the Performance Toolkit (BCPT) their are also some small changes if you compare the source of BC20 and BC21:

There are some small bugfixes and some change in variable naming.
But there is one change that is also usefull for the end user.

In BC21 in the “BCPT Log Entries” the column “Call Stack” is added:

If you run a BCPT suite and there is an error you can easily find the case.

For example I have added a test codeunit to the BCPT suite that will throw an error:

If you run it and looking into the “Log Entries” you can analyze the error:

A small change but very helpfull.

If you want to setup your own performance test with the Performance Toolkit look at previous blog post:
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