Performance Toolkit multiple companies

Performance Toolkit multiple companies

Today I needed to do a Performance test with the Performance Toolkit on multiple companies via the PowerShell script.

So in this case I have setup three companies in a database:

Company 1 and 2 are just copies from the the first company.

In all three companies you need to create a BCPT suite (with all different Code):

So company has code MS, Company1 has code MS1 and Company2 has MS2.

Now you can start all the three BCPT Suites from PowerShell I thougt. This you can do with the following commando:

##fpstest030 Test
$Credential = New-Object PSCredential 
               -ArgumentList '<username>', (ConvertTo-SecureString 
               -String '<password>' -AsPlainText 

    -ClientId <ClientID> 
    -Environment PROD 
    -AuthorizationType AAD 
    -Credential $Credential 
    -TestRunnerPage 92000 
    -SuiteCode MS 
    -BCPTTestRunnerInternalFolderPath C:\Temp\Internal 
    -SandboxName BCPT

And that three times. Well the first was kicking away:

But the second and third the sessions weren’t starting.

The problem is that the PowerShell script opens and interacts with the client and assumes that the correct company is set as the default company.

So in this case the work-around is:

  • Open Company
  • Start BCPT suite from PowerShell with the code from company
  • Open Company1
  • Start BCPT suite from PowerShell with the code from company1
  • Open Company2
  • Start BCPT suite from PowerShell with the code from company2

Hopefully Microsoft will change this and add a parameter in de PowerShell script.

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