Business Central and Dataverse change events

Business Central and Dataverse change events

With the introduction of Business Central Wave 1 2022 Microsoft has introduced the feature of “Dataverse data change events”:
Dataverse data change events – Dynamics 365 Release Plan | Microsoft Docs

This features enables that “Virtual Tables” sends triggers when a record is added, modified or deleted. So you can create a flow for is.

Virtual Tables are tables that are created through Business Central API’s. The data of those tables are not in Dataverse but in Business Central. They are “look through tables”.
Microsoft Power Platform integration with Business Central – Business Central | Microsoft Docs

So what do you need to enable this feature:

  • Business Central Wave 1 2022
  • At least version 0.9 of de app “Virtual entities for Business Central” from the appsource in your Dataverse environment.
    If you have already installed it. Look if you can update it through the Power Admin Center.

When that is done. Go to your Business Central environment and go to the “Assisted Setup” of “Set up a connection to Dataverse”.
This is also needed if you have already done it! So this is an important step.

Enable the option “Enable business events” and go through the next pages.
If you have done that you can try it!

You can create a trigger with the option of Dataverse and choose “When a rod is added, modified or deleted”.

And if you change a record in Business Central the trigger is fired from the virtual table:

But now you can say: “The standard connector of Business Central can also handle this”. And yes that is right. But in the triggers of Dataverse there are some benefits above the Business Central connector:

You can choose the columns in “Select columns”. If those specific columns are change only then the flow gets further. But you can also Delay the flow.

So another great benefit in the tooling around Business Central to extend your proces if you are using Virtual Tables functionality from “Business Central”

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