Analyze the Performance Toolkit in PowerBI

Analyze the Performance Toolkit in PowerBI

After you have run your scenario’s with the Performance Toolkit (BCPT) in Business Central. It is also very important that you can analyze the results.
You can do that through the Log Entries that are generated and export it to Excel. But there are also other tools
That is why I have created a standard Power BI template for this. You can use this template and use that for you own needs.

This report you can find here:
Bertverbeek4PS/PerformanceToolkitBITemplate (

This Power BI report is based on the following Application Insights Query:

| where timestamp > ago(30d)
| where customDimensions.eventId == "AL0000DGF"
| project alcode = customDimensions.alcode,
lineNumber = customDimensions.allineNo,
tag = customDimensions.altag,
version = customDimensions.alversion,
startTime = customDimensions.alstartTime,
endTime = customDimensions.alendTime,
codeunitID = customDimensions.alcodeunitId,
codeunitName = customDimensions.alcodeunitName,
sessionId = customDimensions.alsessionNo,
operation = customDimensions.aloperation,
durationMin = customDimensions.alduration,
numberOfSQLStmts = customDimensions.alnoOfSqlStatements,
status = customDimensions.alstatus

It uses the exact same names as the API of the Log Entries that is coming in BC20. So hopefully that will also work.

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