Performance Toolkit: start analyse the processes

Performance Toolkit: start analyse the processes

In part 1 about the Performance Toolkit I said that analyse the processes at a customer is very important: Performance Toolkit in Business Central – Part 1 – Discover Microsoft Business Central (

Because it is so important I have created a template for it:
This template you can download at: Bertverbeek4PS/PerformanceTest (
Here you can see that you can insert the sessions at 100%. It automatically inserts also de 75% and 50% load test. In general it is recommended that you first do a run with a lower number of sessions. In this way you can analyse the results in Application Insights if there a no huge table lockings. And if there are many you can fix it before you start the next run.

Use “Allow Gaps” in you numberseries to reduce your table lockings on the number series table.

The next important thing it the column “Itarations per day”. Here you can fill in how many Purchase invoices (for example) you will post on a day. This will be translated to how many it will be on a BCPT session and it calculate the waiting time for you.

Now you can give this template to your customer and he can fill in al his processes. You can add the codeunits ID and maybe the parameters.

The next step is filling the template into the BCPT suite. And that can be a “hell of a job”. But in BC20 you can create a BCPT header and lines throught code. That for this I have created a small import of the template. 
While I was doing it there are three things that you could not do:

All these bugs are reported to Microsoft. So hopefully in BC20 you can also use this import.

The source of the import you can lookup here:
PerformanceTest/ at master · Bertverbeek4PS/PerformanceTest (

If you have any remarks on it just contact me.

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