Business Central Performance Toolkit changes in BC20

Business Central Performance Toolkit changes in BC20

Microsoft has showed their release plans for Business Central 2022 wave 1. Unfortunately there is nothing to show about the Performance Toolkit (BCPT) ☹. But hey there is always the BC insider docker containers to compare code.

So I have compare the BC19 and BC20 code of the Performance Toolkit. And there are changes luckelly!😊. There are three main changes in the toolkit:

  1. Until BC19 you can only have 125 sessions runned with the BCPT. But now Microsoft has increased that to 500 sessions:
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2. There is an API page created so now you can get your log entries via Rest API. So besides Excel or Application Insights this is a third way to export the results:
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3. And the last improvement is you can create a BCPT suite through code. Inserting records into the table wasn’t possible because all the tables are set to internal. And there were no functions to insert this.

With BC20 that is changed. Codeunit “BCPT Test Suite” is created with the following functions:

  • CreateTestSuiteHeader
  • SetTestSuiteDuration
  • SetTestSuiteDefaultMinUserDelay
  • SetTestSuiteDefaultMaxUserDelay
  • SetTestSuite1DayCorresponds
  • SetTestSuiteTag
  • AddLineToTestSuiteHeader
  • SetTestSuiteLineNoOfSessions
  • SetTestSuiteLineDescription
  • SetTestSuiteLineMinUserDelay
  • SetTestSuiteLineMaxUserDelay
  • SetTestSuiteLineDelayBtwnIter
  • SetTestSuiteLineRunInForeground
  • SetTestSuiteLineParameters
  • IsAnyTestRunInProgress
  • IsTestRunInProgress

So with those improvements it is just getting better and better. Hope they will improve it even more with the function that you can start the BCPT Suite from Visual Studio Code that is showed at Directions 2020.

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